How to Get Bigger Lips Naturally and Permanently [6 Natural Way’s]

I’m going to be talking about six natural ways of increasing the size of your lips , the reason for that is because I know there are some girls out there who aren’t secure about their lip size , because nowadays you know having those big highly Jenner lips is the thing and you know girls are getting pressured into getting these big lips on the daily like you go on Instagram , all you see is these big lips and no I’m not sitting here saying you know big lips are the thing everyone should have big lips like , no , I don’t agree with that , I would never get lip injections in my life and I feel like every girl is beautiful just the way they are whether they’re huge lips or small lips it doesn’t matter ,
please don’t get that vibe up through this article like don’t think that I’m here promoting having big lips because that’s not the case the purpose of this article , is just for fun and maybe this will help some girls who are insecure about the size of their lips , and these hacks might help them a little bit so anyway let’s go into today’s tax .

  • Peppermint oil

As peppermint oil is easily available at any store, Not only does this oil have a soothing effect on your skin, it acts as a natural lip plumper, As it helps to improve blood circulation in lips.
when you apply peppermint oil to your lips it irritate them and you see a slightly swelling.
not only this your lips are also tinted rosy red naturally due to peppermint oil so don’t worry it’s no harmful, it has a very nice cooling effect on lips which might be doesn’t stay more than an hour.
You can directly put peppermint oil to your lips or you can mix it with your favorite lip balm.

  • Honey

Honey is also a amazing natural ingredient like peppermint so we not only want a natural bigger lip but also we want healthy natural looking pink bigger lip. If you want soft and glow or plump lip then honey will help you a lot.

Just a dab of honey will make your lips super moisturized. Hydrating your lips is key to make them naturally fuller

  • Cinnamon

as you see many lip plumper in market, in the ingredient list you see the cinnamon oil, as it help to improve the blood flow and make your lips bigger and fuller, so mix one or two drops cinnamon oil to your lip gloss or any lip balm, apply it when ever you need bigger and red lips. You can also use cinnamon powder if you don’t have the oil, just add tiny amount to olive or almond oil, mix them well, apply it and wait for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse it off, you may feel some hurting or irritation but its vanish in few minutes.

Or Add a mixture of cinnamon and olive oil together and apply on your lips Cinnamon is known to be a natural irritant. It will leave your lips feeling tender, soft and full.

  • Cayenne Pepper Essential Oil

This essential oil also does a great job in making your lips have an attractive look. Similar to the other essential oil, it works by stimulating the capillaries thus boosting the blood circulation. To gets the full benefits of this product, add about two drops to your lip balm, and mix it to a form of a lip-gloss.

Alternatively, you can also add ground cayenne pepper with a little water.

Rub this mixture to your lips whenever you want them to plump. The third way to make use of this product is by using a combination of raw coconut oil, cocoa butter, and two drops of cayenne pepper. Mix them properly and use it as your regular lip-gloss.

  • Massage your lip

As body massage helps to release stress and gives you an inner glow, like that lip massage is also very important if you want bigger lips or if you want to cure chapped lips, just take any oil which you like, apply it on your lips, gently massage them for around 5 to 10 minutes, after that let the oil stay your lips absorbs the oil itself so don’t worry. As lip massaging helps you to get bigger lips, so it softens them and add shine.

  • Lip Exercises

Another simple way of making your lips become pouted and larger is by exercising. In fact, we consider as the safest and natural way of having bigger lips. Follow the following lips exercise to help you achieve fuller lips.

The video below shows you how to get Fuller Lips with Face Yoga!

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